Tour CoparentCalendar

CoparentCalendar - designed to simplify.

Month View

Once you are signed in, you will see the screen below. CoparentCalendar automatically created your first calendar for you. You can begin adding activities and events right away.

Year View

Along the top of the calendar, you can see tabs of 'today', 'day', 'month', and 'year'. Clicking on these tabs changes your view of your calendar. You can add new activities from any of these views simply by clicking the 'Add event' at the right hand side of the screen.

Share your calendars

There is also a tab labelled 'manage' along the top of the screen. It is from here you can create additional calendars, and share them with other people.

You can share any of your calendars with whoever you want. Your coparent. Your parents and your coparent's parents. Family friends who are part of your children's lives and activities. Your babysitter.
Share with anyone who you want to be kept up to date about your kids' activities.
Click on the manage tab, and you will see the screen below.