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Designed to support your family and make coparenting easier.

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Designed to support your family

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Built with your family in mind. CoparentCalendar is simple, easy to use, and flexible to accommodate your family's needs.


CoparentCalendar gives your family a place where you can work together with your Coparent to keep your kids' activities organized.


Making your life easier so you can focus on being great parents. Calendars can be shared between parents and caregivers

About CoparentCalendar

CoparentCalendar provides a place for parents to share information about their children's activities and appointments. Either parent can view, add, remove or change any event on the calendar. Allowing everyone to be on the same page.

The idea for CoparentCalendar came from a parent who shares custody of his two sons. They had a life full of piano recitals, basketball games, orthodontist appointments, and many other activities.

"No matter how good our communication is, I find that we still miss the odd thing...get confused about a date or a time. There is an extra complexity when you are trying to organize from two households. I thought there must be a better way to manage it all".

It is free, and always will be. It is provided as a community service by a group of volunteers, with hosting donated by corporate sponsors.

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What Happy Parents Say

“Thank you so much for your program, it brought peace to me during a difficult time, because it allowed us to both have inputs and flexibility to what was once a resistant process for us.”

ChristinaMother of one

“Wow! What a great idea and a great contribution. Thanks.”

GregFather of two

“I really want to thank you for providing something so valuable for two-home families. Your website has greatly simplified our communication and made our lives so much easier. I think we are more organized than we were when my coparent and I were still together.”

AlexisMother of two